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FREE Initial Consultation...

Consultation Visit is FREE.

Approximately 30 minutes.

Set up a free consultation once you know when you will be needing our service. This visit will establish what services and schedule work best for your personal situation.

This meeting will familiarize us with your location, animals and instructions. Also you will have the opportunity to ask questions and get to know the person that will be tending your farm and caring for your animals.

You will be provided with a written estimate of the charges & services you would like for the time you are scheduled to be away. A 50% down payment is due to confirm your reservation. Unconfirmed reservations will not be put into our schedule. Reservations are based on first come first serve basis.

We will also pick up a key if necessary if any arrangements have been made for indoor pet care of watering plants, bringing in the mail, taking out the garbage, etc…

Small animal care includes feeding, fresh water, litter box cleaning, walking & playing with the dog or cat, feeding fish, hampsters, birds or ??

You will receive daily updates on your animals via email, text or phone call.

Below Pricing is based on a 1-4 horse capacity.*

*Please see Additional Horses Fees if you have a larger herd.

Daily Farm Visit...

Once a Day Farm Visit ~ $30.00

Approximately 45 minutes

Includes Feeding & Fresh Water, General Health Check.

Small Animal Care… Add $5.00

Breakfast & Dinner Farm Visit...

Twice Daily Farm Visit~ $50.00

Includes two visits: morning and evening. Two Feedings, Fresh Water, Turn Out & Bringing in, Change Blankets if Needed, General Health Check.

Small Animal Care … Add $7.50


Overnight Stay

All Night Stay ... $85.00 

Keep your farm secure with an all night presence. Some owners (and small pets) are more comfortable and sleep better knowing their house & animals are not left unattended overnight. A 'lived in' look can discourage unwanted attention.

Includes early morning and late evening Feedings, Fresh Water, Turn Out & Bringing in, Change Blankets if Needed, General Health Check.

Small Animal Care … Add $5.00


Holiday Pricing...

Add an additional $10.00 per visit during the following Holidays.

*Please Book Early for Holidays, First Come First Serve!

·         Christmas/New Year Holiday~ December 24th-Jan 1st

·         Thanksgiving Holiday~ Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday

·         Easter Holiday~ Friday, Saturday & Sunday

·         Memorial Day Weekend

·         Labor Day Weekend


(For example, for a daily farm visit December 24th-27th the cost would be $40.00 for each day plus any additional fees)


Additional Fees & Services Offered...

  • Stall Cleaning~ Turn Bedding, remove wet spots and pick solid material ...Add $5.00 each stall each day
  • Full Stall Strip~ Remove all bedding and replace...Add  $10.00 each stall
  • Additional Mileage Travel (see Travel Zone for details)... Add .50 per mile round trip
  • Round Pen or Lunging...Add $10.00 each 20 minutes per horse.
  • For more than 3 Small Animals~ ...Add $5.00 Each Additional Animal  (This fee only applies to multiple small animals needing individual care. If you have a cage with 5 hampsters in it, you will not be charged per animal.)


Additional Horses Fee...

For Multiple Horses over 4 or Large Jobs~ Each Additional Horse…Add $5.00 per horse.


Keep Appointments with Vet, Farrier or other...

True Blue can meet the farrier, vet or dentist while you are at work. Charges based on time.

First Hour $30.00.

$20.00 Each Additional Hour.

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